Questions From The Field

Can MyWay RTK send reports of customer's logs?

How long does MyWay RTK keep and store my customer's logs?

How do I know when my yearly subscription is set to expire? And what should I do?

As a reseller, how do I sign up for MyWay Xchange?

Does MyWay RTK sell subscriptions in 3 or 6 month increments?

Does MyWay RTK have a fax number?

How can I contact MyWay RTK?

Can MyWay RTK help me set up my GPS equipment?

I can’t get an RTK fix, but I am showing that I am connected.

How do I choose which mountpoint to select for my customer?

How do I add my personal information when I receive the terms and conditions email.

I have a new RTK steering system. What do I do next?

Will my Raven Slingshot modem work with MyWay RTK?

What do the different shades of green mean on the MyWay RTK coverage map?

I have lost my MyWay RTK user credentials. What should I do?

Service & Support

Agriculture is still a business about relationships. It’s hard to keep up with the changes that are taking place in this business every day. You rely on crop consultants, marketing experts and equipment dealers. All of them help you make decisions. Because our technology is so new, it’s important that you have people nearby to rely on to help you make the right technology decisions and also help if something doesn’t work right. Our growing network of dealers are the same people who are probably helping you make good decisions about your operation today.

Your local authorized dealer will provide assistance in the following ways.

  • Obtain a username and password to access your account online.
  • Subscription activations.
  • Modem programming, connecting to hardware.
  • Ongoing training, questions and support to use MyWay RTK as your RTK correction system.
  • Click here to locate a dealer near you.

Service and Support Topics

Bluetooth Adapter
MyWay RTK's new bluetooth adapter is ready to ship! Here are some brief details....$399.00, Bluetooth, iOS, Android, All RTK systems including John Deere! Call MyWay RTK at 866-963-5785 for more information!  

Demo Accounts

If you have a customer that is currently running off a demo account you will need to go to to set up a valid subscription. Any demo that has a Digi linked to it will need to be relinked by...More

MyWay Xchange Text Alert Messages

MyWay RTK is always looking for ways to better assist our customers. We know how important it is for the reseller and customer to be notified of any issues that occur which could interrupt the efficiency of precision farming with MyWay RTK. MyWay RTK has added a new tool,...More

MyWay RTK Renewal Process

MyWay RTK has noticed a few issues with resellers creating new subscriptions rather than renewing current subscriptions for their customers. Although it is an easy mistake to make, it is completely avoidable. Be sure to follow the directions provided on in...More

Cell Modem for Base Stations Update

MyWay RTK has implemented a new service designed to make it easier for potential Partners to deploy new MyWay RTK base stations. We have encountered situations where Partners have had initial plans to deploy bases in specific locations, only to later determine that the...More

“SmartMount” Feature Added to MyWay XChange

The SmartMount feature can be found on the “Mountpoint Manager” tab on your reseller MyWay XChange page for each customer. SmartMount gives the ability to automatically failover from a MyWay RTK mountpoint (MYWAYRTK_GLONASS or MYWAYRTK_LEGACY) to your Custom...More

MyWay RTK Post-Spring Report: Most Common Issues Reported

As the spring planting season comes to a close, we’d like to share with our customers the most common issues and questions that came into the support desk. Cell Issues— Cell issues continue to be the most called about issue from those experiencing...More

Changes to MyWay XChange

As you may have noticed, there have been a few changes made to the reseller portion of MyWay XChange. Below are a few of the changes we’d like to highlight: 1. Icon Changes (Found in the upper left hand corner by the “Search” bar) - We’ve removed...More

What Cellular Data Plan is Right for You?

When connecting to MyWay RTK, each user needs to have a data plan with their cellular provider. It’s important to know how much data you’ll need when you purchase a cellular plan. If you don’t know the amount of data you’re expecting to use, you could...More

Help! What does this MyWay Xchange Error Message Mean?

MyWay Xchange continues to be well received by resellers. The functionality and usefulness of the tool has proven to be invaluable to resellers as they are in the front line supporting their customers. Occasionally, a reseller will come across an error message with they are...More

Manage and Support Your Customers with MyWay Xchange

Spring will be here before you know it. For those who utilize MyWay, your customers will soon begin planting. How are you planning on managing and supporting those customers? If you are a MyWay reseller you have FREE access to a very helpful tool that makes managing...More

How do I renew a customer's subscription?

When you need to renew a customer’s subscription to MyWay RTK simply log into with your reseller credentials and complete the following steps: 1. Click Customer List. 2. Click the “Edit” button next to the customer whose subscription...More

Coverage Map Circles

We occasionally get calls from customers and resellers inquiring about the coverage map circles for specific areas that affect them or a potential customer. Most commonly, we hear, “My area is within the green circle on, does that mean I am...More

MyWay RTK with a Topcon System 150 or 350 using an External Modem:

In today’s world, the cellular networks are pretty good but not all networks work everywhere. The Topcon snap in RTK Cellular Module uses the GSM cellular technology. If you are using a Topcon system and GSM is not the telecommunication standard used by the provider...More

My planting is done…Can I use MyWay RTK with anything else?

July 7, 2011. MyWay RTK’s uses extend well beyond planting. MyWay RTK is also useful in fertilizer spreading, spraying, side dressing, setting field boundaries, mapping tile lines, tillage and much, much more. Any application that would benefit from guidance,...More

Interested in Trial Versions of MyWay RTK?

July7, 2011. Suppose you have a potential customer interested in MyWay RTK but they would like to try it first to see how it works. MyWay RTK does allow temporary trial credentials free of charge to allow the reseller to bring in-field MyWay RTK experience to the customer....More

Configuring An Intuicom RTK Bridge – A Step By Step Guide

Configuring An Intuicom RTK Bridge – A Step By Step Guide
May 6, 2011. We have received a number of calls regarding how to configure an Intuicom RTK Bridge, and thus we thought it would be helpful to develop an article that guides you through the process of properly configuring the bridges in order to connect to MyWay RTK....More

RTK Protocol Choices Give You More Options

April 7, 2011 You may hear the term “protocol” or “standard protocol” mentioned when talking about RTK corrections and receivers. It might be easy to think of protocol as a type of “data language” that is used to transfer...More

MyWay RTK Broadcasts Custom Mount Points

April 7, 2011 MyWay RTK offers subscribers many ways to obtain MyWay RTK correction. The Casting Server is responsible for providing the appropriate RTK corrections to individual users based on their location and their specific preferences. Those specific preferences...More

GLONASS: Will It Help Me?

April 7, 2011 Since the launch of MyWay RTK, we have fielded a number of questions regarding GLONASS and its importance to the user’s experience with MyWay RTK. To understand the benefits of GLONASS, you need first to understand what GLONASS is,...More